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Countryside vs Packham – Packham 3?

There has been some confusion over who, or what, are ‘The Packham 3’.

They are the Editor of Country Squire Magazine, Dom Wightman, together with Nigel Bean and Paul Read who are contributors. They are currently being sued for defamation by BBC Presenter Chris Packham in a ‘Countryside VS Packham’ style case. The contention being a collection of articles published by the magazine were defamatory. Here is some background on the magazine:

Country Squire magazine published a number of articles following an investigation that began in 2020. These articles were subsequently shared on various social media platforms. The articles concerned some tigers the Wild Heart Animal Sanctuary rehomed on the Isle of Wight.

‘The Packham 3’, as they have become to be known, have appointed their legal team and have submitted the draft defences to Mr Packham’s lawyers today, Friday the 8th April 2022. There will then be a case management conference at the end of April and the next court date – the main trial – is due to take place sometime in the Autumn of 2022.

‘The Packham 3’ are defending this legal action.


The defendants legal fees are estimated to be up to £250k and two fundraisers have been set up to address this massive cost.

The fundraising team, all independent unpaid volunteers, have been working very hard in the background to achieve the first target of £20K ten days ahead of the target date.

The fundraising team will continue to strive over the next few months, in this modern-day David and Goliath struggle. Equally important, your support is much appreciated and needed – both by donating, and/or sharing the fundraising pages. Any support your family, friends and colleagues can give will be greatly appreciated.

The Crowd Justice Page which you can pledge to using debit or credit cards.


The Kofi Fundraiser Page which you can pay into via Paypal.

Please share this far and wide to get as much exposure as possible and secure funding as quickly as possible.

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