Packham 3
Countryside Fightback

Why should people support The Packham 3 Fundraiser?

Here is an interesting article which shows the impacts that have resulted from their legal challenges on the General Licences across the UK.
As you can see it has caused so much disruption and damage to Wildlife and people’s livelihoods .

Quote from this article. ‘He sees the need to infiltrate and influence, to stop fighting and look for fair and effective compromise both in terms of conservation and wholesale care of the environment’.

What we feel is that he and Wild Justice intend to infiltrate and influence by negotiating “compromise’ on their own terms and not anyone else’s. They will not stop until people fight back.

For this reason, it is imperative that their activities be presented with every possible hurdle and the case of the Packham 3 is expected to be a milestone on the rural fightback. A milestone in regaining the strength to promote the great work these groups contribute towards sustainable, ethical, lawful shooting, hunting and extensive conservation efforts across the U.K and also, importantly, secure people’s livelihoods.

Please support and share it as much as you can, we are firmly behind the 3.

Thank you

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