A Chat Over Lunch

On Wednesday 27th July Dom Wightman one of the Packham 3, accompanied by the film producer Alex Sayer, visited Gareth Wyn Jones at his farm in North Wales. Dom and Gareth have known each other for a while online but this was their first meeting, face to face, for a chat over lunch. Dom reports:

“Gareth is a great lad. I know he gets visited all the time, so we showed up with curry and champagne in tow to give Gareth and his wife Rhian a change. We all enjoyed a meal together, put the world to rights and then retired to Gareth’s garden where Alex darted around on Gareth’s new electric motorbike, weaving in between geese and chickens. Gareth and I share the same ideas regarding certain individuals and we both look forward to a day when the BBC starts representing the UK countryside rather than dismissing those who live and work there as peasants and dinosaurs.

That day will come sooner than people think.

Gareth’s support of the Packham 3 is as strong as the bear hugs he dishes out. I look forward to collaborating with the great man in future months. We share a few trolls, and we had a good chuckle at their expense. Bora da!”

We look forward to sharing the film with you later on this week but in the meantime please make a donation and reach out to as many people as you can as the Packham 3 are putting up a fight so, please will you all do the same?

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