Interview with Fieldsports Channel for The Packham 3 Fundraiser.

Interview with Fieldsports Channel

Many thanks to those of you who came to watch Dom Wightman and Simon Grace at the Game Fair on Saturday. The Fieldsports Channel interview was conducted by Charlie Jacoby of Fieldsports TV . It was held in the Carter Jonas tent with Dom alongside Simon from Action against Antis. What is more, we will be publishing the full interview with Fieldsports Channel on here in the next few days.

In addition, special thanks goes to Charlie who unexpectedly suggested at the end of the interview that those who watched the interview should make donations if they wanted to. In fact, an amazing £365 was spontaneously collected which will be banked today and added to the Crowd Justice fund. The Packham 3 and the Fundraising Team are very grateful. Furthermore, Dom was very chuffed putting so many faces to Facebook monikers. In fact, “The solidarity shown was both touching and inspiring,” he told us on Sunday, “one fellow came all the way down from Newcastle to see us!”

Please visit our fundraising auctions which have a wide variety of items you can bid for. Many thanks.

Moreover, even though Crowd Justice is temporarily unavailable, see Home for details, you can still donate via Ko-fi.

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