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Check out our Youtube channel for videos showing what the REAL terrorists of the countryside are up to. They’re simply the dull, moribund dross of society, acolytes of the well-known suspects who are careful not to get too closely involved. Apart from when they want your money of course.

See the Country Squire Magazine’s exposé of Chris ‘Serenwyl’ Roberts here. If you haven’t already done so we thoroughly recommend taking out a subscription.

Watch out for the new fund-raising auction coming soon. There’s an exclusive item available, unique and one of a kind!

The Packham 3 Interview

Great article in Country Squire magazine detailing an interview of The Packham 3 by Simon Grace.

The Packham 3, Nigel Bean, Paul Read and Dominic Wightman, face BBC Presenter Chris Packham in a defamation case brought by Packham in the High Court on May 2nd, 2023. They will be defending various articles about Packham published on Country Squire Magazine. More about the case can be discovered here. In an interview conducted this weekend, countryman Simon Grace asks the Packham 3 how the case is going, how they are getting on with fundraising and whether they are happy with the backing that has come in so far to support them.

An interesting article on the site, well worth a read.

Announcing our first event.

Sunday July 24th is a date for your diary if you fancy shooting a few clays, meeting like-minded people and having a natter over a tea or coffee.

English Sporting Clay Shoot

Great News!

“I was urged to cough up a donation for The Packham 3 last week and I was mulling over whether to donate or not.

On the one hand, although the Packham 3 have convinced me that they have told the truth, (yes, I hate that name too but at least it explains what these three men are about) they have 2 options ahead of them. If they win their case, then Packham pays his costs, their costs and more. If they lose, then they pay his costs, their costs and more. Since Packham brought the litigation into being he can then walk away. So why should we pay others’ costs if all we get at the end of the day is, at best, a damaged Packham?

On the other hand, what these 3 defendants have done is brave beyond belief. Through Country Squire Magazine they have exposed Packham as a liar and a cheat. He thinks he’s above the law. Despite Packham’s bullying they have not rolled over or conceded, they have fought on. They have said all along that the words they used would be defamatory if they were not true, and the judge has agreed.

Truth is Vindication

Truth after all is vindication for use of defamatory words and their defence is based on both truth and public interest. It is no coincidence that since the litigation started there has been hit after hit against Packham. The most recent hit, the handwriting hit, has caused Packham serious damage within the BBC and the Police are now engaged.

Packham has even publicly admitted that he’s been damaged. The main trial due for autumn will be a very public affair where more hits will be delivered over a very short space of time, and they will be covered word by word very publicly. I cannot guess what these hits are, but we can be sure that the magazine’s wily Editor will play his trump cards last. And I for one like the cut of the defendants’ jib.

So, should I donate or not?

Packham is the enemy’s only eloquent spokesperson. What these 3 writers are offering is to detach Packham from the BBC, the organisation which gives him all his credibility. They are offering, hit after hit, to expose Packham to the truth of his lying. As someone who creates victimhood to bathe his fundamentalist campaigns in publicity. The enemy of farmers, gamekeepers and others from the countryside depends heavily on Packham.
I look around. I don’t see others successfully attacking Packham. The large organisations I pay fees to have zero success and just cede territory year after year.

And that my friends is why we should pile the cash in to the lawyers of The Packham 3.

Club Together

That is why we need to club together to make sure that Packham fails to win against them – he is praying they do not raise the funds.
Packham has come for hunting, now shooting, he’s destroying the livelihoods of gamekeepers and now wants to go after anglers. He must be stopped.
As so often happens in this strange country we live in, it’s the little guys who create the history. I do believe that the smearing, the insults, and the attacks these 3 have suffered show they are hovering over the target. Packham knows he’s toast if they can afford to defend themselves in court using a top barrister to beat his legal team.

That’s why I am now donating. And if we all lob in a few quid, we will have met their £250k legal costs in a heartbeat. What’s a few quid to have a fighting chance of being rid of the one man who molests us most?
The “Packham 3” are the best chance the Countryside have to defeat Packham. Donate today.”

Editor’s note: The above was passed to us without an author reference, if the author recognises his/her work we are happy to provide a credit if requested.

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  1. I have donated £100 pound to this because I can see the threat that Packam represents for the real life custodians of our countryside, and I am just a working man.
    Are the major sporting organisations and Landowners donating to this cause, I sincerely hope so !

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