Confirmed Court Date for the Packham 3 Case

Last week the Packham 3 received an important date for their diaries:

“A 7-day Trial on the above-named matter has been fixed for the 2nd of May 2023”, came the note from their Barrister’s secretary.

So, there it is. The defendants have 9 months before the trial of their lives begins. That is 9 months to raise the best part of £200,000 in legal fees, to make sure their evidence is all in order and that their legal team is ready.

A busy nine months

These 9 months will be massive. We shall keep you all updated as events unfold. There are expert witnesses, disclosure and case management conferences to come before the High Court appearance in May. 

The Fundraising, Research, Investigations and Security Teams finally all have a set date to work to. The PR Team, which has been waiting in the wings all this time, now comes to the fore. A press officer appointment shall be made in due course.

“Good to have a date,” declared Dominic Wightman aka Defendant 1, when he was told of the court date. “This has been dragging on since March 2021 and by the time it’s all over we will have waited over 2 years before we can defend our published articles. The road has many obstacles to meet but good things come to those who wait!”

Please continue to send in your donations and spread the word. The wider awareness we get, the quicker we get the case fully funded ready for the Packham 3 defendants day in court.

Thank you once again for your continued support. The Packham 3 are truly thankful for everyone’s support.

Packham 3 Fundraising Team

To make a payment directly to the Lawyers please contact us via the contact form here Contact – Countryside Fightback

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    1. Hi Stephen,

      Yes, cheques can be sent direct to the solicitor, marked for the attention of Judith Thompson. The case number is: QB-2021-001227

      Samuels Solicitors LLP
      18 Alexandra Road, Barnstaple, EX32 8BA

      Many thanks for your support,

      Fundraising Team

  1. This article is confusing. I am sorry but I don’t know the background but are you looking to crowd fund for or against Chris Packham? as a Gundog owner I am not bright and am confused

    1. Hi Rosie

      Have a look at the crowd funding link as it explains what the case is about. If you read the main page and then click onto the update tab, update 4 gives more detail on the case.

  2. I’m a RFD in East Sussex
    I see that you are running an auction to generate funds although I have already given I am happy for you to auction my services IE a Cerakote job on a set of shotgun barrels £120 is the rate I charge and or a rifle barrel and action Cerakote again £120
    I’m also happy to donate a gun service cost £90

    1. Hi Michael

      You should have received an email about your kind offer so wondered if you have received it ?


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