A Case of a SLAPP?

We thought we would revisit an article which was written back in April 2022. It is quite pertinent given what has happened over the last few weeks. Is this a case of a Slapp?

A Case of a Slapp?

Mr Packham is starting proceedings against Field Sports TV Channel and a journalist Mr Ben O’Rourke Packham to sue YouTube channel over Facebook post – Fieldsports Channel . As you will be aware Mr Packham has also taken to court three men (The Packham 3) Court Case Update: March – COUNTRY SQUIRE MAGAZINE .

The Packham defendants are busy preparing for an important hearing before a Judge tomorrow, Thursday 30th March, before the main trial which takes place between the May 2nd to May 12th 2023 which is taking place at the High Court in London.

I am sure by now many of you have seen the Crowd Justice Fundraiser that has been set up by his fellow Wild Justice Director Ruth Tingay. This is to fund his litigation against Fieldsports TV Channel and Mr O’Rourke. He isn’t using his own money which people have started to question. See below:


Thus far the fundraiser has been shared with his fellow Spring Watch presenter Michaela Strachan, and well known Animal Rights Activists, such as Peter Eganare not so well-known Dominic Dyer. It has also been shared by Labour MP, Barry Sheerman . Of course, we must not forget his ‘step daughter’ Megan McCubbin. Her tweet alone has so far reached over 1.3 million views. By doing this it has given him the ability to access millions of people via his and other people’s social media reach to obtain money from their social media followers.

Now have a think about this. Is this an even bigger ambush to silence people and the press ? The Mail, who also wrote an article, are not being taken to court. Did Chris Packham’s claims about tiger cruelty con people out of thousands? | Daily Mail Online

Why Target Individuals?

The question that has to be asked is why is he not taking one of the largest papers to court and instead is targeting individuals who are ordinary people instead ? Was it because he thought they would back down?

The Packham 3 Fundraising was started from nothing and run by unpaid volunteers. The money raised so far has taken an extraordinary amount of work and effort without having the benefit of being a well known BBC presenter with far reaching social media contacts. I wonder what his pay cheques have been like over the last few years from BBC taxpayers money ?

Read the article and make your own mind up.

Either do nothing or support the guys Mr Packham is taking to court by donating here:


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