What does rewilding mean to you
Countryside Fightback

What does rewilding mean to you? Do you think too many organisations are jumping on the rewilding bandwagon drawing funding away from other, arguably more important, conservation projects?

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  1. The darwinian aspect to re-wilding is already happening ~ it’s happened since time began, it’s otherwise referred to as evolution.
    The Scottish hill is as it is because that’s how it’s evolved to be, and with perhaps the practice of over-grazing with sheep being the only real influence, with just about little interference from man.
    Now, interference in the natural progress of evolution is planned and as we progress, so the plans become ever more ridiculous.

  2. Considering that a part of the current Re-wilding plan is that we should have packs of wolves roaming our rural spaces, am I alone in wondering at the lunacy of argument which would ban a pack of Hounds but give a free hand to packs of Wolves?
    …. have I missed something here?

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