Countryside vs Packham
Countryside Fightback

What are the benefits of hunting in the broader sense, rather than those emotive areas that attract the most attention at home and abroad.

How can we better promote the benefits of hunting, particularly when done properly i.e. ethical and sustainable practices?

Advantages/disadvantages? How do we take into account the rights and welfare of local communities? We may disagree but communities around the world often eat the animals some of us would only ever see in a zoo. Perhaps a licensing system like Canada has would be the best approach?

Why do we need hunting? In some cases it reduces competition for scarce resources i.e. a group that has limits cannot keep growing forever; in other cases it maintains the health of the group as in deer management. We also manage some species to enable others to flourish, foxes are an example of species management – for the benefit of ground-nesting birds.

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