The Packham 3 Online Auction

We have had news from the Packham 3 Fundraising Team, and they are asking for your help.

They have just signed up to and will be launching two online auction sites which they will be aiming to go live on Monday 1st November. All money raised will be going directly to the Solicitors via transfer directly from the Auction sites.

So how can you help? They have already had some very generous donations, but they would like to see if you would be able to help to get even more donations in.

They can be physical items, books, paintings, hunting/shooting/fishing equipment or memorabilia, a box of meat or a hamper. It could also be a voucher, a dinner for two or more, a clay shoot lesson, a guided wildfowl flight, a day’s shooting or stalking, a ride out with a Hunt, a day’s fishing, a visit and tour around a farm or hunt stables, a lesson in butchering just to name a few. It could also be to provide a service for example a day’s ratting, half a day’s gardening.

If you do have any items, you are willing to donate then please get in touch with us vis the contact form and we will pass the details onto the Fundraising Team.

Thanks all and please get sharing round your friends and colleagues and let’s see if we can get those donations rolling in!

Contact – Countryside Fightback

Direct donations to the Packham 3 Fundraiser below.

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