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We have received this commentary which we thought would be worth sharing. Thank you to the author for allowing us to publish this in support of a rural fightback.

‘I keep coming back to a simple but controversial issue: this is our culture, our lifestyle for generations. We’re repeatedly hearing minorities being given rights and protections (quite rightly). What about us?

Metropolitan liberal ideas are constantly being forced upon us, mostly based on ill-informed, biased nonsense. This has been, and continues to be, used to erode our cultural heritage, as well as resulting in countless other damaging effects. Where are the human rights lawyers? I know this is a socio-political issue, but the cultural damage is enormous. The well-being of huge numbers of rural people is being ripped apart.

We need a rural fightback

We need a rural fightback, but not a small or piecemeal effort. Further, bigger efforts are needed. Extremists who target rural businesses, livestock farms, hunt kennels etc need to be stopped in their tracks. Forcibly but within the law! Hunt saboteurs should be forcibly made to take off their balaclavas, or have them lifted, so photos can be taken, and the terrorists can be identified.

Vegan extremists should be treated like any other – with derision! I have a couple of vegan friends who accept what I do as my way of life, different to theirs but my right in a free world. One even prepares raw food for her whippets from chicken carcasses, understanding that the dogs have different needs, completely separate to hers. They’re not all bad, you know.

The misinformation on the internet is being spread at lightning speed. Somehow, we must keep hammering away to discredit it. I appreciate that it seems like an impossible task but, to ignore it is to admit defeat.

Come on all of you lawyers, politicians and journalists out there! The Packham 3 have shown the way, at least to some extent. Support them financially if you can and, more importantly, follow their example.

Stand up and be proud of your rural upbringing, culture and heritage.

Support a Rural Fightback! Fight alongside the Packham 3!

‘The Packham 3’ Defamation Defence Against Chris Packham (

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