Should the countryside fight back?

Sit down with a cuppa and have a watch of these three videos below. They have a common theme, ‘Should the countryside fight back?’

Once you have watched them, we would like to know if the question above has been answered. This is our answer. HELL YES!

  1. Unnecessary Division

2. The Doomcultists

3. Last Warning for the BBC

If the phrase ‘Should the countryside fight back?’ means something to you then:



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  1. Donated.
    All the very best.
    Only hope we all pull together on this and results in a much wider investigation, into packham and others.

  2. At last ! This is what is needed. Keep shouting. Well done and thank you.

  3. Brilliant videos which need posting on every hunt page and all other countryside activities plus farmers and landowners, now is the time to fight back , and maybe need to protest outside the BBC who should hang their heads in shame

  4. Yes we should fight back , and we missed the boat by not fighting sooner . It’s time for all of us to copy the Pride mantra and become loud and proud !

  5. I agree with what is said about farming and veganism but I don’t think it’s just the BBC that’s to blame for the skewed ideas about rewilding and dependence on plant based crops. Other broadcasters and media also promote it. BBC also does excellent programmes such as “Countryfile”. Some of the extreme Green party ideas such as blaming cattle and ignoring aircraft etc for greenhouse gases isn’t helping. It’s bound to be less environmentally friendly to be completely dependent on arable farming, never mind that a lot of land isn’t suitable for it. I think these counter arguments are not published enough.

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