Contemplation and Belief for Fieldsports

We want all fieldsports to continue, a guest blog below calling for action.

The Grouse Shooting season is well underway.

The start of the Game Shooting season is a great celebration of the British Countryside and its Uplands. It supports thousands of people’s jobs, homes, futures, businesses and their economic successes.

There is a darker side, from which a threat looms, it is forever present and it’s never likely to go away. That threat my friends comes from the anti-fieldsports individuals and groups.

These individuals and groups include Chris Packham, Wild Justice, Wild Moors, The League Against Cruel Sports, Animal Rights Activists, Hunt Sab Groups and Radical Veganism to name but a few. Of course, these groups and individuals are fully entitled to an opinion. They work hard to push their agendas and they fight hard for what they believe in. We have all seen it or have been affected by it. Hunt trail days ruined, Grouse Shoots brought to a halt, Gamekeepers and their families threatened and being constantly under fear from masked anti field sports terrorism. Their beliefs are fully backed up by passion.

OK, so what about us? Above all, what about our beliefs and passions? What about our sport, my sport, your sport? Are your beliefs fully backed up by passion. I really do wonder if they are… Why aren’t we all as individuals fighting back to protect promote and defend our sport and our way of life? I am absolutely convinced that the antis are more passionate about their cause than we are about ours.

As a Fieldsports Community we have 3 main enemies.

Apathy, Ignorance, Ourselves

Apathy – All these antis won’t affect me. I only shoot a few rabbits and train my dogs for Field Trials

Ignorance – A total lack of knowledge and information as to what’s going on right under your noses and we carry on without a care or a thought about the future of Fieldsports.

Ourselves – Posting pictures up of Big Bags, dead Deer, blood-soaked Foxes, 2000+ bird Pheasant Days. Afterwards gloating and boasting about our so-called victories in the Shooting field, for instance. All we are doing is spoon-feeding our enemies with the information they need to get the General Public and the ones sitting on the fence on their side.

What the hell are we doing to ourselves? Why aren’t we giving what we do some serious thought? Our Fieldsports are under threat and yet we just carry on as if we had a divine right to do what we do without impunity.

Fieldsports are changing, shooting is changing. Therefore, we have all had to change and we all need to pull together irrespective of our chosen fieldsports. We have enemies, organisations and individuals, that are working tirelessly to bring us down.

We need to take our heads out of our arses and act!!!!

Play your part and be part of the future of Fieldsports and stop relying on others to do the work for you.

An example of a group doing some practical work is the Action Against Antis Group.

Get your friends and families motivated by helping to raise awareness and funds for the three people. See Country Squire Magazine ‘The Packham 3’, for details. They are risking all they have to remove Field Sports Enemy No1 from all of our lives. Moreover, they are by fighting back with facts.

Please think about the future of fieldsports. In doing so you will help to protect, promote and defend the sport that we all hold most dear… ?

Have a great season everyone. Long may our fieldsports and shooting seasons continue, which they will with your belief and passion..✌☝??

You can, instead, make a payment directly to the Solicitors where your details will obviously remain strictly confidential.

Contact – Countryside Fightback

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