A Statement by the Admin Team of Countryside Fightback Website

There have been malicious attempts by Packham’s trolls, in particular one called Serenwyl Roberts from Rhymney in Wales, to pin Countryside Fightback on the Editor of Country Squire Magazine, Dom Wightman.

Of course, this is a lie. It’s a strategic lie to imply that Mr Wightman is not following defamation law protocols, which of course he is.

This blog is run by a team who are wholly independent of the Packham 3. Mr Wightman has never contributed to or been a part of the Countryside Fightback team.

While we wish to remain anonymous so as not to have to deal with the plague of trolls and other ne’er-do-wells that pester the 3 defendants, we can confirm that the 3 defendants are nothing to do with our work.

We contacted Dom Wightman and got this message back in response:

“Sorry that you guys have been accused of being me and that the silly trolls have been on your backs. I wouldn’t worry. If Truth were a dartboard their darts would continually hit the wall. They are playing into our hands because they are demonstrating concerted harassment in fundraising. Just laugh at them. They are not even master baiters. No point responding to them or trying to illuminate them – trolls never see the light anyway. If they cause you any trouble, let me know and I’ll give you the email addresses for the police involved in investigating them.”

We have also been informed by The Packham 3 Fundraising Team that there will be some interesting developments in the next few days as more details about the case are to be released. WATCH THIS SPACE

We are all supporters of Mr Wightman and his colleagues as should be anyone with any sense. The fundraising links to help fund their legal team follow below:

Crowd Justice


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