New Welsh General License Changes to come in Force from 1st July 2022

Changes to Welsh General Licences come into force from the 1st July 2022, details can be found below:

Countryside Alliance – New General Licences set to launch in Wales – Have Natural Resources Wales bowed to outside pressures? (

This extract from the article below clearly shows how Wild Justice have influenced the Consultation.

‘The changes are the result of 18 months of work and a consultation analysis carried out by NRW which received over 600 responses of which only 38.7% came from Wales with the weight of responses, regarding Welsh General Licences coming from England with a total of 61%. Organisational responses including the Countryside Alliance totalled 5% of the total number of respondents with 95% coming in from individuals largely associated with a Wild Justice tick box campaign, carrying no purposeful evidence to back up their responses but were heavily aligned to a personal opinion.

We have previously mentioned in this article below about their approach.

Quote from this article: ‘He sees the need to infiltrate and influence, to stop fighting and look for fair and effective compromise both in terms of conservation and wholesale care of the environment’.

We will say this again, Wild Justice intend to infiltrate and influence by negotiating ‘compromise’ on their own terms and not anyone else’s.

They will not stop until people fight back and fight for rural communities and endangered wildlife.

The fightback starts here:

‘The Packham 3’ Defamation Defence Against Chris Packham (

This is more than a court case now, it’s a fight for everyone that lives and works in the countryside.

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